Ideas for Birthday Cards in Watercolor

Coming up with ideas for birthday cards in watercolor is a challenging task. I put together the following list pf 15 ideas for myself and I'm happy to share them with you.  I hope they provide a spark for you to create your own ideas as well.

  1. For an elderly person, paint something from their childhood years, like a vintage car or something from a story they related to you about when they were young.

  2. Paint a picture of a cupcake and write “You are a sweet cupcake in a world full of bran muffins.” Happy birthday!

  3. Paint pictures of nature scenes and include a nice quote about aging, such as “Beauty is a gift of nature, but to be beautiful as we age is a work of art.”

  4. Paint beach scenes or shells and include this quote: “Life is like a beach; sticky and gritty but also bright with sparkling scenes and sunshine.”

  5. Paint a collage of watercolor stars and include a quote saying “Happy Birthday to my favorite star.”

  6. Paint a whimsical picture of a cat with include this saying: “Kitty says Happy Birthday!”

  7. Paint a picture of flowers and include this quote: “A friend is a garden of love and laughter. Happy birthday, my friend.”

  8. Paint a picture of a butterfly, and include a personal comment, or this:  “Each birthday is a reminder that we transform our lives each year.”

  9. Paint a picture of a ballerina and include this saying: “I’m so glad our paths crossed and we’ve been able to dance through life together.  Happy Birthday!”

  10. Paint a picture of a heart with a lightbulb inside and write: “Your friendship has brightened my life and warmed my heart.  Happy Birthday!”

  11. Paint a picture of a Boston Terrier or other cute dog with his head tilted and write “hey, where’s the party?”

  12. Paint a picture of a person on a trail with a backpack and write: “Life can be a rocky trail but you have managed to explore it with grace, faith and joy. Happy Birthday!”

  13. Paint a picture of a lit candle and write “Your friendship has been a candle in the dark to me.  Happy Birthday”.

  14. Paint a picture of the moon or the night sky and write “The moon danced with the stars on the day you were born.  Happy Birthday!”

  15. Paint a funny picture of a “birthday” chicken and write “It’s your birthday! Dance the funky chicken!”

So now that you have a list of ideas for birthday cards, the next step is to translate the ideas into actual cards. 

How to Go from Ideas for Birthday Cards to Actual Cards

  1. Purchase watercolor cards with envelopes in your preferred size from Amazon or your local or online art store. 
  2. Draw out your idea for the card on drawing paper.  Experiment with using the quote that you want to use as part of the design.  For an example, see the cupcake picture above.
  3. Use graphite paper or a light table to transfer the drawing to the card or to a test sheet of watercolor paper.  (Before you start painting on the card, you might want to practice painting your idea for the card on a piece of cheaper watercolor paper.)
  4. Finish your card painting, add the quote, sign it and mail it off!

If you want to share your ideas for birthday cards, feel free to contact me, and I’ll add it to the list and give you credit.

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