Watercolor Quotes Projects

Watercolor quotes are fun and unique because you can pick the quote you like and paint it any way you want.  They make great gifts and they are just fun to do.

I purposely made the sizes of the projects on this page small so they wouldn't be overwhelming. The pictures below show the quote projects I've put together for you with the beginning drawing and then my finished art.  You are welcome to do what I did, or come up with your own design and colors. 

The steps for downloading and completing these are as follows:

  1. Decide on the quote below that you want to paint. 
  2. Download the transfer drawing of it to your computer and print it out. (Or create your own by drawing it on sketch paper or using your computer).
  3. Using graphite paper or a light table, trace the quote onto watercolor paper, leaving enough space around it so that you can frame it when it is completed.
  4. Using permanent markers such as those pictured at right, fill in the quote letters. I use black so they stand out, but if you have color scheme, use the color you like.
  5. Now decide on the colors you want to use to paint the background and any images, and get started!

Watercolor Quotes: Transformation Price

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time.  I've gone back to it many times when I was contemplating making a big change in my life.  The PDF file I created has both a 4x4 size and a 6x6 size. Click here to download the PDF file.

Sail My Ship Quote

For this one, the file includes a page with just the quote, and a second page with the sailboat picture underneath the quote so you can trace that if you like it. Download it here.

Waiting on God

I drew a mandala design on my example, but the download file has two sizes but no image so you can put what you want there.  Download it here.

Bumblebee Flies

While not scientifically true, this quote has a nice feeling about perseverance to it, and I like it.  The PDF has two sizes without the bee, because they are pretty easy to draw and you might want to add some flowers.  Download it here.

Listen to Her Heart

This is a good one for believing in yourself.  Download it here.

Power and Magic in Belief

This is a popular one, so you may have already seen it. I'm starting to see a theme in the quotes I like. Download this one here.

Life on Fire

This is a neat one, because you can go crazy with the flame image.  Mine is loose, but you could do the letters in white against a black background with yellow flames, or makes the flames really bright. Download it here.

Wound of Light

This watercolor quote is kind of serious and somber, but I think the message is a good one. There are important reasons why we go through hard times.  Download it here.

I hope you enjoy these watercolor quotes projects.  There are many ways to use them. You can buy frames for them and make a little quote gallery on a wall, or use them as personalized, unique gifts for friends and family.  

If you have a favorite quote, try creating your own quote art. You can download all sorts of free calligraphy fonts online.

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